Wedding Photography

Congratulations on your engagement!


I hear the same thing over and over from busy brides scouring the planet for good deals: “Your rates are four times less expensive than the cheapest quote we got from any other photographer, and your pictures are great and there’s no complicated packages or upgrades!” Yes, it’s true. I specialize in providing terrific 100% copyright free pictures at a terrific price.

-Minimum 3 hours: $500* (approximately 850 photos)
-Each additional hour $150*
-Value Pack: 8 hours: $1,150* (approximately 1,650 photos)
-*save 10% when you pay your entire balance when you book your wedding date!

These prices include all your formal and informal portraits, candid pictures and other photos from the day non-branded unedited photos 100% copyright free priority mailed to you on USB flash drives less than two weeks after the wedding.

Additional Costs:

-Mileage to and from destination from 114th & Dodge, Omaha, NE at 50-cents p/mile (Omaha destination customers don’t pay mileage)
-Optional: Photo editing services available after the wedding for $25 p/hour.

IMG_4211Booking & Payment Options:

-Pay 1/2 of your balance up front to book and the remaining 1/2 two weeks prior to the wedding.
-OR *Pay entire balance up front to book and get a 10% discount

The Wedding Photography Agreement

Instead of using a complicated contract, I have a very simple one page agreement that customers and I sign when you send in payment to book your wedding date.  Here’s a sample of the wedding photography agreement.

Set List & Schedule

I’ll need just two things from you prior to the wedding.  I’ll review these with you on our initial call and remind you about them prior to the wedding if I haven’t yet received them.

-A “set-list” of ordered and well thought out formal portraits and combinations of people in each of the portraits. Having a list helps save time and ensures you get all of the combinations you want.
-A “schedule” sheet listing the wedding day schedule and event locations.

Adam  MaryBeths Invitations

Engagement Photos & Rehearsal Photos

Engagement photos are a great way for us to meet and get to know each other.  I also like to have a time before the wedding to put the bride and groom next to each other and see what poses work best, and to find out later after review what the bride and groom like and don’t like.  This is tremendously helpful the day of the wedding, as time is limited and I want to get you the best pictures possible.  You’ll also want to take advantage of engagement photo session for you to use your engagement photos in your wedding invitations, slide shows and guest book table.

-Just $150 after you’ve booked your wedding (non-booked wedding: $250)
-Includes 90 minutes of photography at outdoor Omaha area location of your choice

Hiring your photographer for your wedding rehearsal helps the photographer understand the flow of your ceremony and captures additional pictures of your special time.

-Rehearsal Photo Sessions are just $150 after you’ve booked your wedding.
-Includes 90 minutes of photography at rehearsal location.
-Mileage and overnight charges may be assessed for areas outside of Omaha, call for a quote.

Secondary Photographer

If you’re having a large guest list and you’re concerned your primary photographer won’t be able to capture as many photos as you’d like, you can easily hire me as a secondary photographer. Secondary Photography rates are the same as primary photography rates listed above. Be sure to check your wedding contract with your primary photographer if you’ve already hired one to see if hiring a secondary photographer is an option.

Picture 474

Professional Availability and Flexibility

Your guests or wedding party can grab me at any time for a photo. I’ll be constantly taking photos on your wedding day.  I’m charging you for my time, so take advantage of it!

Experience Matters!

Wedding photography horror stories are common, but here are some of my favorites I’ve heard:

  •  “Our photographer took great pictures, but he wanted $85 for an 8×10 so we don’t have any prints or enlargements because we couldn’t afford them. We didn’t realize how expensive prints were until after the wedding. That was three years ago. Now the photographer moved and has all of our files and we don’t know where he moved and we can’t get enlargement prints – they’re gone forever! ”

This is common, and one of the biggest reasons I provide all of my photography customers with non-copyrighted flash drives of all of their photos, so you can get your own prints professionally or print them on your home printer, send them over email, add them to your Facebook page, reprint them years down the road, etc.

  • “Our photographer talked us into an all-day package which includes a photo album. We spent over $3,500 for our wedding photos. We spent all of our money so we couldn’t take a honeymoon or make a downpayment on a house.”

Crunching pennies is important, even on your most important day.  Don’t ever let a photographer talk you into expensive options that aren’t necessary.

  • “My photographer showed up to my wedding in shorts and had tattoos all over his legs.”

Rest assured, I always wear a suit. Oh, and I don’t have any tattoos or piercings. I’m very professional and want to earn your future business and referrals, so I’ll work hard to impress you and your guests.

  • “My uncle told us he could take our wedding pictures for free. They turned out horrible. We’re so disappointed we didn’t know about your services.”

I’m disappointed, too! Here’s a pretty good tip to go by: Don’t let someone in your family be your only photographer on your wedding day!

  • “Our photographer was very unprofessional and acted like he didn’t want to be at the wedding. He also drank too much hit on my niece.  He did the cha cha slide with my grandma.  Then he passed out in the bathroom.”

True story – I’ve actually heard this one.  As complete opposite of this horror story, I am often complimented for my professional demeanor, and I aim to please.

Give me a call at 402-610-2159 and I’ll check my schedule to see if I’m available for your wedding date. I’m happy to answer all of your questions, Your wedding reception is your party – not mine.  I have a job to do, and I take that responsibility seriously.